Seminar für Wirtschaftsgeschichte

Drawing by J. W. Goethe of army recruits whose height is being measured and recorded by the scribe at the left.

Paul Krugman: "America comes up short"

German TV feature on John Komlos and anthropometric history
ZDF Aspekte 24.06.2005

EconHist in the Popular Press

Economics and Human Biology, journal cover page Economics and Human Biology
Pictures of the EHB conference in Munich, June 2-6 2004

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Economics and Human Biology

Antebellum Puzzle

This graph shows an interesting episode in the American economic history: While per capita income was rising during the industrialization, average heights of the free (male) population decreased among the cohorts born in the decades preceding the Civil War. Therefore this phenomenon is called the Antebellum Puzzle. Several articles in the publications section of our website are devoted to the analysis of such puzzling episodes in the history of the biological standard of living.

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